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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Gaius is the extraordinary people who could corrupt the people's money, because Gaius licinya a president even had stepped in and issued 12 instructions Gaius-related cases so that this case was protracted and cause anxiety to the society

1. To the Police Department, Attorney General, Ministry of Finance, and Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, I was instructed to accelerate and complete the legal case Gaius Tambunan.

2. Increase synergy between law enforcement by involving INTRAC and Eradication Task Force Legal Mafia. KPK to be more involved and can be encouraged to do police checks were not addressed.

3. We make our performance audits and financial audits to law enforcement agencies who were involved in the case of Gaius Tambunan. At present, it is suspected the existence of irregularities in the institutions that, in this case the police, prosecution, and the DGT. I hope the same thing done to law enforcement agencies are not under the President.

4. Law enforcement to be run fairly and indiscriminately. A total of 149 companies that there is a link called taxes, when the results of the investigation there is sufficient evidence of the beginning, in a sense also in violation, would need to undergo examination.

5. To improve the effectiveness, I argue, the best method of proof can be done according to regulations and legislation in force.

6. I was instructed to secure and restore the state assets, including confiscation of the money is allegedly derived from the proceeds of corruption.

7. Provide administrative penalties and disciplinary action, in addition to law, for those found guilty, to all officials who obviously do irregularities and violations. This includes mutations and removal. This can be done within one week ahead

8. For an organization or institution that its officials do deviations, necessary arrangement. For this, given a month's time.

9. We will conduct a serious review and improvement of work systems and rules that have a slit to prevent fraud and similar crimes.

10. I want to get regular reports of progress data Gaius Tambunan completion of legal cases, including the implementation of Presidential Instruction every two weeks.

11. I also instructed to explain and announce to the public about the progress of the handling of cases Gaius Tambunan periodically so that people can follow what has been, is, and will be conducted by the ranks of law enforcement or government-related elements.

12. Related to this, I assign the Vice President Boediono to lead the activities of supervision, monitoring, and evaluation of instruction Eradication Task Force assisted the President with the Legal Mafia.

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