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Friday, February 11, 2011


kelimutu lake is an exotic lake because the lake has three colors that can change and this is because the natural conditions but the people around kelimutu believe that this didanau color change is the will of god or gods, this lake is extraordinary because the scenery is beautiful as well as areas that still there is no exploitation of virgin nature because it is this area into the potential of cultural heritage for tourists in the country and abroad, the accommodation area is already complete so appropriate that this area into a tourist destination you

Lake of Kelimutu is one tourist attraction that is very interesting volcanic tourism, the lake is the mainstay of tourism on the island of Flores. Flores Island is an island located in the eastern Indonesian archipelago. From Jakarta, we can travel by using a flight from Jakarta (airport cengkareng) – Flores (Airport Wai Oti) by commercial aircraft

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