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Friday, February 11, 2011


Sianok canyon is a beautiful valley there are plants and plants thrive, because there are beautiful flowing rivers and even waterfalls there because there are natural conditions of winding and a fracture in the canyon world.tetapi tempak Sianok also a good ecosystem of plants animals and humans natural harmony presented in Sianok, there are wonderful views of many animals that are naturally located on the banks of the river in Sianok, so that when we are down the river there with KANOU or by rafting equipment as well enjoy it while we can spur our andrenalin the river for tourists who want the beauty of nature at the same time Come here let's challenge, here are complete facilities ranging from RESORT, hotels and complete anything here.

Sianok canyon is a steep valley (cliff) located in the border town of Bukittinggi, with District IV Koto, Agam regency, West Sumatra. The valley is elongated and meandering as the southern border town of Koto Gadang canyon until the canyon Sianok Six Tribe, and ends up Palupuh. Sianok canyon has beautiful scenery and become one of the major tourist provinces.

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