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Sunday, February 13, 2011

NOTE teacher

This story on the inspiration of the true story of a teacher who lives alone in a big country but there is no more appropriate response to life, four years ago, struggling with the book expected in the age to come into a teacher who could become benchmarks for students. switch years spent at school desks with the spirit nor may hope that there are parents at home working hard for money for the sake of their children's school fees, in this country become a teacher is a special, although ultimately, the salary of a teacher is far from word worth even a young teacher in this country is difficult get a boyfriend because the majority of society views teachers' wages can not be to buy a fancy dress.
One of my friends even worse, he lost his lady friend who was going out with him for four years because his girlfriend did not want to live with him with a very trivial reason a teacher can not provide for his life, my friend could only cry when I know he really loves her .
In my heart can only be angry with the TEACHER who became an outstanding in the Mahabharata story but becomes something that is underestimated here with a salary of Rp 150,000 a teacher can not do what the teacher is exceptional position is responsible for the intelligence of children of the nation, state This is in the shade of an educator is supposed to be this country appreciate the sweat drops a teacher we could not ask for more as the members of the council that tie us just ask the feasibility of responsibility for our work, our students smile is breezy blast of heaven amid the storm in life.I"m never heard word one on in my life that made him keep the spirit of the meaning of a friend, because your best friend there for you when you fall he will be there to help you stood up again and when you're happy he'll have to give congratulations.

This short story I made for friends and part time teachers across the country INDONESIA with your presence there is a beam of light for the future of this country for the better.

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