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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ujung kulon park

Ujung Kulon is the area of cultural heritage which stores botanical richness to richness of animals here are more than 700 species of plants and the most famous one-horned rhinoceros, which is native to this area
place, easily accessible from the capital Jakarta and comprehensive facilities is an important accommodation in this area so for tourists who want to visit or want to examine your plants are not wrong it's come to this place.
Some locations / attractions to be visited:
Tamanjaya and Cibiuk. The main entrance to the facility, information center, guest house, dock, hot springs.
Kalejetan Beach, Coral Bed, Cibandawoh. The phenomenon of ocean waves and sandy beaches south heavy, observation of flora and fauna.
Peucang Island. White sand beaches, coral reefs, clear blue sea waters which are ideal for swimming events, diving, fishing, snorkeling and an ideal place for observing wildlife species of deer in their natural habitat.
Coral Copong, Citerjun, Cidaon, Ciujungkulon, Cibunar, Cape screen, and Ciramea. Exploring the forest, river scour, pengembalaan desert wildlife, waterfalls and a turtle nesting.
Handeuleum Island, Cigenter, Cihandeuleum. Observation of wildlife (bison, wild boar, deer, the footprints of the Javan rhinoceros and the various types of birds), scour the river in the mangrove forest ecosystem.
Panaitan Island, and Mount Mercury. Diving, surfing, tourism and culture / history.

The best visiting season: April to September.

How to reach the location:
Jakarta - Serang (1 1 / 2 hours via the toll road), Serang - Pandeglang - Labuan (1 1 / 2 hour) or Jakarta - Cilegon (2 hours via toll road), Cilegon - Labuan (1 hour) or Bogor - Rangkasbitung - Pandeglang - Labuan (4 hours).
Labuan - Wells (2 hours), Wells - Peucang Island (1 hour by motor boat fishing) or Labuan - Pulau Peucang (4 hours by motor boat fishing)

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