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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Curug SEWU waterfall

Sewu waterfall is a tourist attraction that has not been too well known but beyond that at this waterfall there is extraordinary beauty with a height of about 80 m waterfall offers pristine beauty of nature around the water is so abundant and dry penah not make a beautiful scene ready pobud greet you when you to a waterfall in sight Sewu kendal regional dishes are ready to make you to come back to this waterfall, who sanka at kendal terdapaat beautiful panoramic yanh still beautiful gift of god so as to make all eyes amazed admiration.

Curug Sewu.

This area is located in semarang central java region with a height of 80 m mice, and this waterfall waterfall village located Sewu patean district, a distance of 40m from kendal

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