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Wednesday, February 9, 2011


 Discover Bunaken Island, one­ of the world's top diving destinations with its colourful and unspoiled coral gardens; warm crystal-clear blue water and "home fo­r more fish species than even the Great Barrier Reef" (International Oceanographic Institute, 2010).

 Whether you want Discover Scuba Diving, enroll to an Advanced Diver Training, go diving on you own or you just want to do snorkeling at Liang beach, or go on a day diving trip, we can help you find the right dive experience or diving course to suit your needs.
  • Especially for "Macro Diving Fans" all five islands of the National Marine Park are highly recognized and treasured by diving  experts all over the world.
  • The town Manado hosted the  World Ocean Conference 2009 & Coral Reef Triangle Initiative in Manado. Especially environmental & sustainable tourism issues were discussed, in order to conserve the unspoiled paradise composed of high diversity and rare corals and fish species. One example is the „Coelacanth“ an ancient fish, which scientists so far believed had gone extinct with the dinosaurs.
  • Our well trained and  friendly English, German & Dutch speaking staff will happily assist and guide you to share with you responsibly this underwater beautiful paradise. 
  • Also for our swimming and snorkeling guests, we are more than fortunate to offer you, only being few meters in front of the resort's beach, a stunning coral reef drop-off, which allows you to experience nearly a full diving experience. This can be found only on very few diving spots around the world.

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